Battle Masters Corner

Here you can view blog posts straight from the Battle Master himself! Expect to find answers to frequently asked questions as well as tips and insight on how to improve your chances of playing this year's tour. Check in often, you never know when the Battle Master might decide to blog and provide you with valuable insight regarding the competition.

Buzz Rating Reminder

Keep in mind that the Buzz Rating score is just valid during the first round of the contest, during which our judges are not involved at all. When the judges come into play is on March 8th once the Buzz Rating scores are locked and the top 100 is set. At that point our judges will go through and review every bands music from 1-100. When reviewing music Buzz Rating will have no effect on who the judges select to play. If a band finishes 100th or 1st they will each have an equal chance of being selected to play. Best of luck to all of the bands participating in the contest.

No Spamming for Support

A word to the wise. The comments section in each bands profile is a spot for fans to show their support for that particular band. Please do not go spamming for support by placing your bands URL in the comment section on another bands profile. Lets keep this as organic as possible. If anyone has any specific questions please feel free to email

Reminder from your Battle Master...

What an amazing job everyone has been doing!!! The amount of talent that is out there is truly inspiring!!! Keep in mind that all of the Top 100 Buzz Rating Ranked bands have an equal chance of opening for Eric at this years Clapton's Crossroads Festival!!! Don't be discouraged if you are not currently a top ranked band. There is plenty of time to get within that Top 100 mark! Best of luck and we hope to see you at this years festival!

Announcing Play Crossroads!

Jeff Beck, John Mayer, Buddy Guy, Brad Paisley, Eric Clapton and You? We are extremely excited to bring the once in a lifetime opportunity of joining these legendary players on stage to our customer base. We have always believed that live music is the life-blood of our industry, and the Crossroads Guitar Festival epitomizes that experience from start to finish. This festival features the most innovative and ground breaking guitar players of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. We can't wait to see the crop of new talent that will come from the Play Crossroads Contest and hope to see you on the main stage opening for Eric in April. Stay tuned to this blog for contest updates, tips and vital information regarding this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Play Crossroads News

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