James Jones Trio

Website: http://www.jamesjonestrio.com

Location: Danville, IL




James Jones- Guitar, Vocals / Aaron Bouslog - Drums / Mitchell Killough - Bass

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James Jones Trio


The James Jones Trio plays traditional blues with a young approach and feel. Being a group for a very short time, their debut has been in the making for years. With all members under the age of twenty-five, they play with the maturity of well-seasoned veterans. The Trio consists of James Jones on guitar and vocals, Aaron Bouslog on the drums, and Mitchell Killough on the bass guitar.

James, as a frontman, performs with the depth and conviction of someone twice his age. His guitar and vocal work display a maturity and passion that breathes life into the blues. His shows are fiery, and unforgettable to say the least.

The Trio’s rhythm section, consisting of Aaron and Mitchell, bring multiple influences to the table, and create a foundation unlike anything heard before. Aaron’s superb drum work brings a taste to the blues that hasn’t been heard in years, especially by someone of his age. Mitchell’s fine bass work is the mortar of the group.


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