Jim VanNewKirk

Website: https://www.facebook.com/JimVanNewKirk

Location: Columbus, Ohio


Acoustic, Country, Singer Songwriter


Jim VanNewKirk

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Jim VanNewKirk


Jim VanNewKirk is a solo country, blues and rock singer-songwriter and guitarist from Corona, CA. In 2012, Jim played at both NAMM Shows in Anaheim, CA and Nashville, TN for the Guitar Hands Handcare Lotion's booth, competed in the local Texaco Country Showdown at Knotts Berry Farm in Buena Park California for Go Country 105 radio and auditioned for America's Got Talent in Los Angeles, CA. Jim will be back playing at the Winter NAMM show for Guitar Hands this year.
One of Jim's biggest musical influences growing up in Southern California was Eric Clapton. When Jim was in the Navy as a submarine pump and valve repairman on the USS Dixon "out of San Diego" from 1988-1991, he made sure he always brought a guitar onboard when ever they would go out to sea. While in Hawaii, Jim picked up Eric Clapton's new album, Journeyman to add to his collection and one night onboard the ship "while on the way back to San Diego from Hawaii" Jim remembers telling his friends in the shop, that one day, he would play on the same stage as Eric Clapton. Well, over 20 years latter, this is his shot at making that dream come true!


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