Location: New York, NY


Blues, Rock


Ed Cuervo, Matt Bartlett, Dan Spencer, Jono Ori

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Good things happen when you least expect them to. Nobody knows that better than New York City’s self-described sewer-blues act Skunkmello. Meeting through mutual friends during the first April nights of 2012, Ed, Matt and Jono spent time discussing music, but never imagined pursuing it together. By mid-July they were performing full sets of original music and packing small clubs in the Lower East Side.

In August the band was fooled again. They entered the studio with engineer Hansdale Hsu for a single evening to record a handful of songs live to pursue performance opportunities but left with a much stronger product than expected: five nearly complete songs that make up the “Whiskey & Oatmeal” EP. Using minor overdubbing only to correct lyrical errors, the band elected to release the EP as close to the state it sounded when it was played as a representation of what one might hear sitting in on a rehearsal.

Musically, “Whiskey & Oatmeal” calls to mind the early work of The Black Keys, the in-your-face lyrical attitude of The Rolling Stones and the dynamic and stylistic range of trios that preceded Skunkmello like the Jimi Hendrix Experience and Sublime. “Whiskey & Oatmeal” is a thrilling, raw showcase of band’s range, their abilities as individual performers, and their innate desire to pay tribute to the old while simultaneously creating the new.

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