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Rebecca Laird

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Rebecca Laird


Rebecca Laird is a 20 year old guitarist and songwriter from Houston, Texas. Inspired by Texas blues greats, Rebecca's unique sound draws from her blues roots and a blend of jazz, funk and rock both classic and modern.

Rebecca is a member of Robert Knight's Brotherhood of the Guitar and recently played in Guitar Center's Battle of the Blues 2012 Grand Finals in L.A., CA after winning her regional competition for the Southwest. She has also played in Memphis, TN during the International Blues Challenge in 2012 and is scheduled to return this year as well.

In 2010 and 2011, Rebecca won the T-99 Nelson Scholarship for promising young blues and jazz musicians awarded by The Houston Blues Society. Using the scholarship money, she attended two week long guitar workshops in Austin, TX.

Rebecca currently plays in four different bands, including her solo project, in which she plays her own original guitar instrumentals. In addition she plays with Texas 99, a blues band with members all under the age of 21. She is also the lead guitarist for Tin Cadillac, a Texas blues, rock and country band that gigs several times per week. She also played on Tin Cadillac's upcoming album produced by renowned Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee, bassist Mark Andes (Canned Heat, Spirit, Jo Jo Gunne, Firefall, Heart). For the past two years she has also served as lead guitarist with the Cari Quoyeser Band, playing alternative rock. Cari Quoyeser is a singer songwriter who made it all the way into the top 50 (out of around 100,000 people) of American Idol last year, and regularly toured across Texas with Rebecca.

Rebecca has been featured in articles by The Houston Chronicle, The Houston Press, American Blues News, Houston Magazine, Texas Music and more. She has also been a guest twice on Houston's "Howlin' the Blues" show on KPFT 90.1 FM.

For all her recent success, Rebecca still feels like she has a job to do. “It’s like being an athlete with all the training that goes into it,” she says, "I put a lot into it because it's my passion".


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